I am core developer of various scientific software and simulation packages.

Ludwig ( is a software package for simulation of soft matter and complex fluids. The package takes its name from Ludwig Boltzmann, since it uses the lattice-Boltzmann method for solving the Navier-Stokes equation of  hydrodynamics.


Discrete lattice-Boltzmann grid

It is also possible to combine the lattice-Boltzmann method with a range of other methods for simulation of complex fluid systems such as free-energy methods.  Ludwig can be deployed on various computing architectures ranging from simple workstations to large HPC systems, including those with NVIDIA GPU or Intel Xeon Phi co-processors and accelerators.

Ludwig is open source software and available from our repository at GitHub.


Colloid-liquid crystal composite material

I am also author of the LAMMPS implementation of oxDNA, a model for coarse-grained simulation of DNA and RNA, which is based on the popular LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator, available from Sandia National Laboratories, USA.

The LAMMPS implementation of oxDNA [1-4] is distributed as LAMMPS USER-package and available for download from the LAMMPS webpage. Please visit the online manual and the section on the USER-CGDNA package for more information.


The model is also available from our GitHub repository. This distribution includes also the twistable elastic polymer model of DNA (TEP) [5].


RNA nanoring modelled with oxDNA

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