Due to popular request, here is some information on what I’m into when I’m not working.

Since my teenage years I’ve been a passionate sailor. I began sailing on Lake Constance, also know as the ‘Swabian Sea’ (infamous for its instantaneous weather caprioles), and returned there years later when I did my PhD at the University of Konstanz. I’m a qualified RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and sail around the Scottish coasts these days. This hobby has a tendency to lead to spin-off activities. Yachtsmen need to know about meteorology, celestial navigation and, last but not least, how to feed a crew and keep them happy!

I am also a keen swimmer and swim twice a week at least 1.5km freestyle at my local pool. If I have enough time, I indulge in the Turkish Bath at the Victorian Portobello Swim Centre, which is just metres away (and a whole world apart) from the North Sea.

I like the outdoors and have visited almost every part of Scotland. Scotland is ideally suited for extended drives and road trips. The NorthCoast500 has become a modern classic. But many wild areas of outstanding beauty are only directly accessible if you have your own means of transportation.
My favourite areas are the Applecross peninsula, the Wester RossSutherland and the far north-west of the UK mainland as well as the Outer Hebrides. More locally, I’m very fond of Aberlady Bay and the Gullane Bents on the East Lothian coast, the Pentland Hills south of Edinburgh and Loch Leven across the Firth of Forth.

Cooking is arguably my oldest hobby. Italians — and here 1/8th of my genetic heritage is speaking — say eating is a serious matter. Despite this dilution, I couldn’t agree more with this statement.
My speciality are Austro-Hungarian dishes: treasured, secret recipes that get only passed down from generation to generation. I’m afraid the rest is confidential.

Unfortunately, I don’t always manage to convert all calories into muscular tissue by pulling ropes, pushing water and walking hills. Work in progress …